Great Gift Ideas

Contour Neck Rest

IMG_9806 neck

30% Down, 70% Waterfowl Feathers
Loft 450 CU’

Neck Rest      

This contoured pillow conforms to the natural curve of your neck providing support while sleeping in an airplane or car. Covers are available in a variety of colours.

Euro Back Pad


90% Waterfowl Feathers, 10% Down
Loft 400 CU”

Euro Back Pad        

The Euro Back pad is our Signature pillow. The Inverted V shape provides upper back support elevating your head and shoulders. This allows you to read and/or watch TV without straining your neck. It is indispensable for those who need to sleep on an incline, and also as a breast feeding aid for new mothers. The Euro Back Pad is a thoughtful gift for the elderly or those in rehabilitation who are often confined to their bed. Covers are available in white, ecru and other various colors. Please enquire when ordering.

Lower Back Pad


90% Waterfowl Feathers, 10% Down
Loft 400 CU”

Lower Back Pad      

This contoured cushion fills in the area of the lower back. It will fit in your favorite chair at home, at work and in your vehicle. Removable covers are available in basic colours. 

Leg Rest Pillow

leg pillow 3

Leg Rest Pillow in Bed

leg pillow 2

Pillow Protectors

100% Waffle Cotton, Envelope-Style Closure   

Size             Dimensions                 

Standard      20x26                      
Queen          20x30                      
King             20x36                       

Travel Pillow Kit

100% Cotton 233 threads per inch, 40% Down 60% Waterfowl Feathers  – Loft 500 CU”

Great for the traveller who prefer to use their own pillow.  

This kit contains:
16 x 20 pillow, 
pillow protector,
pillow case,
and travel bag. 

Assorted pillow case covers are available.

Travel Pillow in Bag

Travel pillow kit                                

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