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Duvets and Comforters have been used in Europe for hundreds of years. Long before the advent of  "central heating", a wood fire was the means of heating the house - with the bedrom usually unheated.

The insulating quality of down has long been recognized. Of all man-made fibres, nothing duplicate the qualities of down.

The traditional comforter was merely a large bed sized bag filled with down, or often a combination of down and feathers. A problem with this with this design was obvious. The down didn’t stay on the body.


All duvets/comforters made by Nova Scotian Down Products are guaranteed to have Canadian Grey Goose down. The sizes and quality of down used have been calculated to give maximum of comfort and ensure a luxury product. The channels are approximately 8” wide with interior baffles, down filled by hand and cleverly stitched through. The center panels have slightly more down than the outer ones. The channels lets the down travel to the upper or lower parts of your duvet which permits some adjusting, and makes your duvet comfortable in most seasons.

Although these comforters have been made with the highest quality of 100% cotton down proof ticking, it is recommended that a cover be made, and the comforter be put inside.
Pillows for all bed sizes are also made to complement the duvets. They are double-seamed and filled with a combination of down and feathers to give a resilient, puffy pillow. A pillow protector is also suggested to prevent stain and soils.

Featherbeds, like icing on a cake, give you the most pleasurable sleep possible. The feathers and down are held in a sectioned off, baffled cotton container. Elastic corner straps are used to keep the featherbed directly on top of the mattress.

Decorator pillows and bolsters are also available for the bedroom and living room in a wide selection of shapes and  sizes. For your personal comfort, try our neck rests, Euro back pad and the Lower bad pad.

Accessories and Gift Ideas

Tossed Pillow Inserts

The luxurious look of toss pillows gives your home a warm and cozy atmosphere. Toss pillows are available in all sizes and shape; square and rectangular, triangular, knife edge or boxed. Round and bolster (cylindrical) shapes are also available. We can custom size as required. These pillows have a 40% Down and 60% Waterfowl Feathers blend. An extra fill blend is available for those who prefer a firmer pillow. Please enquire.

Contour Neck Rest

This contoured pillow conforms to the natural curve of your neck providing support while sleeping in an airplane or car. Covers are available in a variety of colours.

Euro Back Pad

The Euro Back pad is our Signature pillow. The Inverted V shape provides upper back support elevating your head and shoulder. This allows you to read, watch TV without straining your neck. Indispensable for those who required to sleep on an incline and as a breast feeding aid for new mothers. The Euro Back Pad is a thoughtful gift for the elderly or those in rehabilitation who are often confined to their bed. Covers are available in white, ecru and other various colors. Please enquire when ordering.

Lower Back Pad

This contoured cushion fills in the area of the lower back. Fits in your favorite chair at home, at work and in your vehicle. Removable covers are available in basic colours.

Custom or Reconstruction

Custom work is available for nontraditional size or design. Super filled and lighter weight duvets made on request. Reconstruction and conversion work also available. (Off season only)









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