With more than thirty years in Business, Nova Scotian Down Products crafts high quality bedding products such as Duvets, Featherbeds and Bed Pillows.  Toss Pillow inserts as well as specialized comfort items such as body pillows, travel pillows, neck rests, lower back pads, leg rest pillows and our very popular Euroback pads are also part of our collection.

Nova Scotian Down Products prides itself in the construction of a high quality and long lasting goods. Filled with Canadian origin and processed Hutterite Down and feathers, all of our prodcuts are made in Nova Scotia Canada.  We expertly reconstruct or re-shell old duvets and pillows. We also work with local furniture repair shop to refurbish chair and sofa cushions. We provide many Interior designers toss pillow inserts for their customer’s decor needs.   We specialize in odd shape or custom size order when the traditional sizes available simply do not fit to your liking.  Please contact us if you have any questions or requests.

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